Grade 1


  • Backpack (no wheels)


  • (2) packages of pencils (sharpened if possible)


  • Extra pencil top erasers


  • (2) bottom loading pocket folders: any color/design


  • (2) large solid glue sticks


  • Pencil bag or pencil box


  • Flat top clip board


  • Scissors


  • (2-4)  24 packs of crayons (no markers or colored pencils please; it helps to buy extra in the summer when they are on sale…your child will definitely go through a couple of boxes during the school year)


  • 2 large boxes of tissues


  • Please choose one of the following: paper plates, paper cups, plastic silverware, napkins, box or saltines, baby wipes OR paper towels.

Please make sure that all supplies are labeled with your child’s name.  Thank you!